The HDBaseT™ Value

Valens HDBaseT is a game-changer for numerous key industries, primarily the Consumer Electronics, Custom Installations, Professional Projection, CCTV and Digital Signage industries. HDBaseT offers an unmatched solution for these growing markets, by providing the ultiamte feature-set combined in the most extensive offering. Why?

Go Long – Forget cable length limitations. Valens HDBaseT technology can go up to 100 meters long for a single hop and a total of 800 meters with up to 8 hops.

Go 5Play – Valens HDBaseT delivers complete 5Play™ feature-set on a single cable including: video, audio, Ethernet, controls and power. This means you can cut required cables down to only one all-inclusive cable.

Go Elegant – Valens HDBaseT is the most elegant and esthetic solution out there. Forget about cable clutter and conduit mess – with Valens HDBaseT all you need is one cable to carry all the data your projector needs.

Go Smooth – With Valens HDBaseT chips you don't have to compromise on quality. Our chips deliver smooth, crisp uncompressed ultra-high definition video in up to 4K effective resolution, and they fully support all 3D video standards.

Go Simple – Valens HDBaseT technology relies on standard Cat5e/6 twisted-pair LAN cable with regular RJ-45 connectors. This means, easy termination, deployment and testing.

Go Smart – Valens HDBaseT technology helps to reduce dramatically installation costs by relying on affordable Cat6, which in many case already exist. Moreover, due to its inherent power transmission, you can save on electricity infrastructure costs.

Go Standard – HDBaseT technology is a true industry standard, adopted by the IEEE. The HDBaseT Certification Program ensures cross-vendor product interoperability and standard compliance.

Go More – Valens next-generation Colligo family of chipsets bring more functionalities for HDBaseT, including USB 2.0, fiber support, and multipoint connectivity.