Industrial PC


HDBaseT™ in Action

The ultimate solution that carries all your industrial computing

5Play™ on a Single Cable

Valens HDBaseT™ technology empowers plug-and-play digital connectivity between ultra-HD video sources and remote displays. Its 5Play feature set enables the convergence of uncompressed ultra-HD video (up to 4K and audio), 100BaseT Ethernet, USB 2.0, up to 100W of power, and various control signals through a single 100m/328ft cable.

Based on its innovative HDBaseT technology, Valens offers remote connectivity of industrial PCs throughout the manufacturing floor. Valens HDBaseT technology provides solutions for legacy deployment of existing Installations with HDBaseT™ Adaptors as well as Native HDBaseT™ deployments, daisy-Chain Support for IPC to Multi-Display Implementation and Bi-Directional USB Channel for Keyboard, Mouse, Touchscreen, USB Drive and More.

HDBaseT TM - the Ultimate Cable for that carries all your industrial Computing Valens offers an unmatched solution for industrial PC installations. Why?

Go Long – Connect display devices up to 100m away from the IPC on a single hop.

Go Converged – True single cable solution – Audio & Video, USB, controls, Ethernet and power over standard Cat6 cable.

Go Simple – Plug and Play Field-terminated cable.

Go Industrial – Based on CAT5 – rugged cable with locking mechanism that support drag-chain.

Go Smooth – Up to 4K UltraHD / 3D video on each display

Multiple Displays Application in a Large manufacturing Floor

Valens Industrial PC technology is the ultimate choice when talking about industrial grade solution over standard LAN infrastructure. As such, it perfectly suits various scenarios of remote operator interfaces located up to 100m.