Custom Installations


HDBaseT™ in Action

5Play™ on a Single Cable

Valens HDBaseT™ technology empowers plug-and-play digital connectivity between ultra-HD video sources and remote displays. Its 5Play feature set enables the convergence of uncompressed ultra-HD video(up to 4K and audio), 100BaseT Ethernet, USB 2.0, up to 100W of power, and various control signals through a single 100m/328ft cable.

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The Ultimate Solution for Professionals

Valens offers an unmatched solution for professional integrators. Whether you're installing a video wall in an airport, an array of projectors in a university or a digital signage solution in a mall – Valens HDBaseT technology is the ultimate solution for you. Why?

Go Long – Forget cable length limitations. Valens HDBaseT™ technology can go up to 100 meters long for a single hop and a total of 800 meters with up to 8 hops.

Go 5Play – Valens HDBaseT™ delivers complete 5Play™ feature-set on a single cable including: video, audio, Ethernet, control and power. This means you can cut required cables down to just one all-inclusive cable.

Go Simple – Valens HDBaseT™ technology relies on standard Cat6 twisted-pair LAN cable with regular RJ-45 connectors. This means:

  • Easy Termination – In-field termination using standard RJ crimpers.
  • Easy Deployment – Passes easily through conduit.
  • Easy Testing – Use standard low-cost Ethernet testing equipment.
  • Utilizes existing infrastructure – Use already deployed LAN infrastructure.
  • Robust and Reliable – RJ-45 connectors are highly reliable and include a locking mechanism securing the connector to the socket.
  • No Electrician Needed – Valens HDBaseT™ delivers up to 100 watts of power, enough for a wide variety of remote display devices, such as flat-screen televisions. This means you can take the electrician out of the equation and deploy an entire installation without erecting a single power socket for remote devices.

Go Smart – Valens HDBaseT™ solution reduces installation costs dramatically by:

  • Relying on affordable Cat6 cabling, which is a lot cheaper compared to other cabling solutions.
  • Reducing required cables to only one by enabling true 5Play™ transmission over a single cable.
  • Delivering power on the same cable, eliminating the need to install an electricity infrastructure or hire an electrician.
  • Supporting daisy-chain topology deployment, thus saving on cabling costs.

Go Standard – Valens HDBaseT™ sets the path for point-to-point digital interfacing standardization. Part of our HDBaseT™ qualification is the use of standard commands and conventional "language" across various HDBaseT™ source and sink devices. This means you can benefit from a common interface between all HDBaseT™ devices and avoid configuration hassles.

The Professional World by Valens

Valens HDBaseT™ VS-series chips can be deployed in various manners, from single point-to-point connectivity up to complete managed network solution.

Valens HDBaseT™ chips are applied in Consumer Electronics equipment such as set-top boxes, Blu-ray players, flat-screen displays, etc. as well as professional equipment such as HDBaseT™ Switching & Distribution equipment.

HDBaseT™ Solutions for Pros

HDBaseT™ is extremely useful in AV switching and distribution. Either for point-to-point connectivity or in point-to-multi-point deployments of complete managed networks – HDBaseT™ will make your life a lot easier.

Popular applications of HDBaseT™ switching and distribution equipment include:

HDBaseT™ Switching Matrix – Whenever AV switching is required, be sure that HDBaseT is the right solution for you. An HDBaseT switching matrix is capable of receiving various input interfaces, such as HDMI and deliver 5Play™ feature-set to remote HDBaseT enabled devices over a single standard Cat6 cable for a distance of up to 100m/328ft.

Cable Extender – For cases where only point-to-point AV connectivity is required or where the end-point is not HDBaseT-enabled, HDBaseT™ technology can be used. For example, a connection between two HDMI-compliant devices over a long distance can be done using a single Cat6 cable of up to 100m/328ft long.

Example Applications

Valens HDBaseT™ chips are integrated in dozens of devices manufactured by the top leading AV professionals. These devices are successfully deployed every day in numerous installations throughout the globe, simplifying the lives of professional integrators.

Examples of some of Valens HDBaseT applications are provided.

Corporate Enterprise Application

Valens HDBaseT™ chips are implemented in numerous installations in corporate enterprises. These installations typically include point-to-point or point-to-multi-point connection of wall or ceiling mounted projectors or flat-screen displays in boardrooms and conference rooms. Using a central PC source and an HDBaseT™ switching-matrix, PC's USB host ports, keyboard and mouse can be extended to the conference room's table and full HD video can be transmitted to the remote video source. All this can be done by relying on the existing LAN infrastructure.

Hospitality Application

Valens HDBaseT™ chips perfectly suit the needs of hotels and hospitality facilities.

By deploying a central digital Entertainment System powered with Valens HDBaseT™, hotels can provide a unified viewing experience for guests. HDBaseT™ infrastructure is used to deliver 5Play™ content to guest room displays as well as to digital signage installed across the hotel premises. Guests can benefit from a common management user interface facilitated by the HDBaseT™ integrated control channels. All this can be done by relying on the hotel's existing LAN infrastructure. Moreover, in-room cable clutter is reduced to only one cable, providing the elegance and esthetics you need.