HDBaseT™ in Action

5Play™ on a Single Cable

Valens HDBaseT™ technology empowers plug-and-play digital connectivity between ultra-HD video sources and remote displays. Its 5Play feature set enables the convergence of uncompressed ultra-HD video (up to 4K and audio), 100BaseT Ethernet, USB 2.0, up to 100W of power, and various control signals through a single 100m/328ft cable.

Valens’ HDBaseT technology brings ultra-high-definition, uncompressed video to the broadcasting market, with no compromise in quality or performance. By delivering unified video transmission, HDBaseT can be deployed in extenders, PTZ (pan-tilt-zoom) and robotics cameras, digital signage (including video walls), monitors and video cards. HDBaseT simplifies deployment of video equipment in the broadcasting market to one or two cables, depending on the application, a cost-effective solution for superior performance.

HDBaseT Benefits for the Broadcasting Market

Valens’ HDBaseT solutions bring unparalleled value to the broadcasting market, such as:

Go Smooth – With Valens HDBaseT chips you don't have to compromise on quality. Our chips deliver smooth, crisp uncompressed ultra-high definition video in up to 4K effective resolution

Go Long – Forget cable length limitations. Valens HDBaseT technology can go up to 100 meters long for a single hop and a total of 800 meters with up to 8 hops, bringing increased flexibility for cameras, displays and monitors in any broadcasting setting

Go Smart – Valens’ HDBaseT is a cost-effective solution both for cables and installation, and provides easy migration and compatibility with existing HDMI solutions. Costs are further reduced with daisy-chaining and multistreaming to support digital signage solution and video walls. As part of the 5Play feature set, HDBaseT also delivers up to 100W of power, eliminating the need for a separate electrical infrastructure and/or an electrician on premises.

Go Simple – Simplified connectivity, with plug-and-play functionality

Broadcasting Applications for HDBaseT

HDBaseT PTZ Camera Applications

PTZ (point-tilt-zoom) and robotics cameras require today three cables for operation: video, controls and power. Valens’ HDBaseT is a game changer in this space, as it allows a single Cat5e cable to connect the source (camera) to the sink equipment, and delivers video (up to 4K), power and controls, for up to 100m/328ft. HDBaseT does that with no compromise in quality and still maintaining zero latency.

Digital Signage Made Simple

Valens’ HDBaseT chips meet the needs of digital signage deployments. Typically, an HDBaseT Switching Matrix is used to terminate the source (e.g. PC or DVD/Blu-ray player) and deliver the 5Play feature set to the remote digital signage displays. Transmission can be done in a distance of up to 100m/328ft for a single hop and up to 800 meters with 8 x hops, relying on existing LAN infrastructure. Valens’ HDBaseT supports daisy-chaining and multistreaming, facilitating deployment and cutting cabling costs.

Video Walls at a Whole New Level

With HDBaseT’s daisy-chaining, controls and video support, deploying video walls can be made simpler, without compromising on quality or performance. Valens’ HDBaseT also supports tile-based video walls, giving installers more flexibility over 100m/328ft.

Valens’ HDBaseT technology also supports multiviewer video walls for longer distances at ultra-high-definition performance.